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One of the main reasons for using a mat in framing is to help enhance the look of the art. Matting helps separate and   isolate the framed item from its surroundings. It establishes a visual border for the eye between the art and its environment. The other important reason to incorporate a mat is to protect the art by moving it away from the glass.

For items of value, the picture frame is really a security device. It safely contains and protects the item from handling, dust and other forms of physical damage.  Each component of this container must be safe and stable as well. This means each part that comes into contact with your artifact must be carefully selected not to contaminate the item it’s protecting. Many framed treasures have been damaged over time by acid in the paper mats and unstable adhesives that have stained and embrittled the artifact.

Veridian Gallery incorporates modern acid-free matting into everything we do. We offer dozens of colors and fabric covered mats to select from and we’ll help you pick just the right tone and texture for your item.

Double mats can often be used to bring out certain colors in the art without overwhelming the overall effect. For example adding a thin (1/4”) color under a neutral top mat will highlight that tone in the art, but will not dominate the finished look. (see example on left )

The importance of the piece can be increased by adding a filet to the mat window opening. These narrow wooden inserts can also match the style of the outside frame.

The use of a fabric covered mat will add richness to the look by introducing texture. The softness of suede, the elegance of silk and the luxury of linen will make anything look better and more important. (see example on left )

| Stretching Your Needlework |

The science of protecting your artwork also applies to framing art on fabric. Whether you use matting or not, the needlework or fabric item must be stretched first. The need to pull the fabric tight is similar to framing a painting on canvas. Having a consistently tight surface not only makes the piece look good, it also preserves it by keeping it flat and taut.

Over the years we have worked on manyspecial pieces for area museums and serious collectors. Handling and displaying fabric items of great historical value and interest takes a special discipline and knowledge of materials.

At Veridian Gallery your needlework or fabric item, whether created by you or your great-grandmother will be safely handled and correctly prepared for its frame. Archival methods (non-damaging) will be employed by us at each step, using only acid-free materials, stainless steel pins and other special handling procedures.

| Shadowbox Framing |

We’re often asked “can you frame my ____(?)” Whether its shells or swords,  baseballs or buttons, we can frame it. Everyone it seems has something they collect or items that are important to them.

Putting three dimensional items out where they can be seen and admired presents problems. They can be broken or soiled over time. These pieces need the protection a shadow box frame can provide.

We start with a deep moulding that can handle the thickness of the item(s). Then we install a fabric covered board to enhance and highlight the piece. With special adhesives or mono-filament line we carefully attach the items inside the frame and then seal everything up into a tight package.
Here is a sampling of some of our available mat colors.  We also have textured mats and fabric mats!
Example of double matting - the gray tones in this 19th century engraving were complimented by using a 1/4" gray mat under a light mat that matches the color of the paper.
Example of fabric mat with wooden filet added -
the importance of this Ansel Adams photo was enhanced by using a gray silk mat with a  silver filet that matches the outer frame.
Each needlework must be "pinned" onto an acid-free mounting board first. The double matted sample above picks up an accent color (gray) for the under mat and the fabrics' background color for the top mat.
Top: Antique swords on black suede in cherry frames. 

Left: Team shirt on red suede in a black frame.
Right: Antique
Ice Tongs on a brown suede mat, enclosed in a 6 inch deepshadowbox frame with custom suede spacers.
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